Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday Powerscrap

At Scrapchat we have a chance to do a 'Powerscrap' layout in any 2 hour block we can manage to find on a Sunday. I am in church most of Sunday, but in the evening I do get a two hour block of time when I can think about this, so today I did the challenge. Anyone in the world can join Scrapchat and take part in the challenges, by the way! So feel free to investigate!

This week we were challenged like this:

"Your theme is your dream house! ..if you do a Google image search on mansions or something like that you'll get HEAPS of inspiration. You might even be able to print off a photo from the net to use OR you could always cut a photo from a magazine if that's where you've seen your dream home. It's up to you BUT...The following list has the least ONE photo on your LO of your dream home - you HAVE to display some handwritten journaling but it can't be hidden!! and you have to use BLUE somewhere too...."

The sketch is borrowed from Scrapmaps. I used a lot of rough paper as I would if I was making a note to myself about what sort of house I was planning to build. I used the picture and plan of a house we are actually considering building, but in my searches I found another house I also liked, and am now thinking maybe we could incorprate the bits of that house into the the first house! The background paper is Core'dinations Harborside, I downloaded the plans and pictures from both the Orbit Homes site and the GJ Gardner Homes sites, I used old buttons from my stash and put paper 'x's' on some of them printed by the computer, used an ordinary felt pen to do the journalling, and also took paper clips and a bulldog clip from my office supplies. The old pin is to remind me of the style I like - old fashioned and classic - and I thought it went well on the page.


Lee said...

Susan!!! That's a fabulous dream house!!! What a great picture!! And that is a fun layout too....I love that old-fashioned pin and the dp is FANtastic!! I think I only want a bigger house now because of the kids, but when it's just dh and I.....I agree with you........less house means less cleaning and more playtime!!!! LOL Hope you had a FABulous week!!!

Oh.....and your comment sparked an idea I can't wait to try for dd and her pink moose!!! LOL I just have to wait for that Sophie Moose to be released!! Thanks so much for visiting her are such a wonderful friend and encourager!! BLESSINGS!!!

My Paper World said...

Wow! That's sounds like a really fun challenge!
LOVE your LO Susan! xx

Paula J Atkinson said...

Fantastic layout!

Pearl said...

What an interesting challenge Susan ! great go at it ! All the best in getting the dream house together !