Friday, January 18, 2008

You Made My Day Award

I was delighted and amazed to receive this award from Suzanne - what a wonderful thing to do for someone!! Thank you, Suzanne, for being a great blogging buddy and crafter, and for being so generous as to take time to write something so lovely about me (blush!) I look forward to reading your comments on my blog and do you know what? I think you were my first blogging friend too!

It made me feel so good to receive this award, I have to pass it on to others. Today I choose
Andrea at Andrea's Card Creations and Events who has made my day many times with her lovely comments and friendliness
Andrea at Andrea's World who has the most lovely cards on her blog and who pops in to encourage and support
Lee who has been so wonderful leaving comments on my blog that are so warm and who inspires me with her own blog and crafting skills.
Nicola who has made me think about different ways of making cards with her great sketch challenges and who has also left comments that make my day

All of you are so wonderful and it is hard to stop here! I appreciate everyone who stops by here and leaves comments. Have a great day, everyone!


Andrea C (Frog) said...

Awww Susan that is so sweet thank you very much you have made my day and i too would like to give you the award.

Hugs Andrea xx

My Paper World said...

Thank you so much Susan! That's so sweet of you! You have "made my day" I have received this award a few times already, so I feel very lucky indeed! xx

Lee said... sweet!!! This is such a fun and cheerful award!! I'm just so happy to have met you and I truly enjoy your blog!!

Andrea, said...

Thanks for the award Susan