Sunday, March 25, 2007


Today I completed another three cards for birthdays. They are for people of various ages and interests. It's nice ot be able to give them out to people and see the looks on their faces when they open them up! Well, it's nicer sometimes than others! Lol!

See what you think.

Last one for tonight (Yawn!)

I finished one more card - this one is for my friend who is about to undergo some cancer treatments. I am glad she has a strong faith in the Lord. Pearl, I found a card on your Blog that inspired me - thank you for the idea of the three ribbons and buttons (I used brads as you can see) and an image on top of them. The colours are nicer in real life, I think.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Got a few cards done tonight

This weekend marks the birthdays of four friends - have been able to complete two cards but the others are still in the wings. I also need to do a fare-thee-well card for a friend with cancer who is off to the other end of the country for some treatments. That all happened just never know what turns your life will take, do you?

The first card is for a friend's daughter who is turning 15 and is rather sweet, and the second is for her son who is turning 17 (he likes to dress formally with a tie and a fob watch!!) They weren't twins or I could have made them matching cards for the DCM challenge this week!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

This time last year....

Today marks 12 months since category 5 Cyclone Larry ripped through Far North Qld. It's raining today again, but the comparison with this time last year is remarkable. Here are two shots of similar views, one from last year and one from today. See if you can spot the differences!!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

A get well wish

I put this little card together in minutes today as I had to get it into my bag and out of the house in a hurry! It's for a young friend who has the mumps - for the second time. She is not too well, poor poppet. I hope it cheers her up. Thank goodness for having a few stamped images around, all ready to be coloured & mounted :-) Thank you, Carla, for encouraging me to do that!!

And it just so happens that the DCM's 'little extra' challenge this week is to make a get Well Card! What a coincidence!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Austrian Birthday

Well, I finally got to make a card!! A friend 's mother is visiting from Austria. We cannot converse as I do not speak her language, but she is turning 80 today. I made her a card with an Austrian greeting on it, thus joining in on an ancient dare from DCM that a card be made with a foreign greeting on it. I also worked in the more recent dare that I make something with 20 different things on it. Count the flowers. There are 20 and they are all punched out of different papers! It was fun to make and I do hope she likes it. I also hope I found the right Austrian words for 'Happy Birthday' and am not telling her something different!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Pages from my album

It's been awhile since I posted becasue things have been so hectic at work, I haven't had a chance to do much crafting. Also, y computer has been in the repair shop for over a eek! Oh well! I did manage to spend some time with my friend Vanessa and put together these pages of DH and I. It's the first time I have done any couple pages of us - usually one or the other of us is behind the camera, not standing in front of someone else's! I know - I should have taken the plastic page protectors off before I took this picture, and I will next time. Sorry for the glarey bit.

I will have to do a tour of Blogs and leave some comments for all of you who read this. I have not forgotten you - and I miss you!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Birthday card

I have been unable to craft much since I went back to work, but there are a few birthdays this month and i am going to need to find time to make some cards, thank goodness! I made this one for a friend tonight. I used some SU! stamps - the trees are from a 1997 stamp and the sentiment from a 2002 stamp. I stamped in black and embossed with gold. The background was done with watercolour pencils.