Saturday, July 24, 2010

Easel Card

Easel Cards are such a nice way to display photos for a friend or relative. I made a few of these recently and just thought I would share this one with you. They are great for special occasions where you have taken a group photo, a portrait photo, for displaying scenery or just about anything really!

I hope you like this one of a Magpie Lark perching on the verandah rail.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wedding Scrapbook has begun!

I got some photos developed yesterday and decided not to wait anymore with making a scrapbook of my daughter's wedding. Today the picture that inspired me was this one. My dear sister made the dress for her and her Grandma found the shoes. I loved the contrast of her everyday shoes with the wedding ones!

I made the dress embellishment from her actual dress material. The main word in the title has been hand stamped, then cut out and glitzed before gluing down. The rest of the words were stamped and embossed. There's a hidden journalling tag behind the wedding shoes.

I sure am rusty! It took me all morning to do this one, between putting loads of washing on and hanging them out! Lol!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Wedding Day

You may have wondered why there were no posts here for a time. The pictures may explain. I was caught up in the wonderful, hectic, indescribable series of events that led to my sweet daughter's wedding. She married the loveliest man who has really been part of our world for the past eight years! They married on the shores of a lake, while the rain held off just long enough to allow us some wonderful light for the photos. Her black and red theme was unusual, yes, but it was beautiful. Her bouquet was made up of perfect red roses intertwined with grape vines and wired-in, shiny black rocks. The Reception venue was at the Lake as well and had originally been a hunting lodge, so there were statues of wild beasts to surprise us. It was a beautifully appointed venue and the staff there treated us well, serving very tasty and original dishes to us afterward.

The crowd of friends and family who gathered to witness the event were relaxed, friendly and happy to provide some of the entertainment at the Reception, as many of them had musical or theatre skills.

It was a perfect day, worth all the long distance planning and problem solving!

Congratulations, my dears. May your life together be a long, contented road of joy to lighten any sorrows that may cross your paths.