Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Circle Journal Entry in Black and White

Can you believe that is me in the picture? Well, it was! I am not nearly as sweet and shiny anymore, but the picture still lives! Lol!

I had a Circle Journal to scrap a page in about a childhood memory. It had to be made with black and white supplies, and it didn't need ot have a photograph, but the memory I wanted to talk abotu involved a photo so here it is.

I hadn't used black and white exclusively before and I rather like it!

If you would like to see how I did it, there's a page on about it:

Circle Journal Page in Black and White

Monday, March 30, 2009

Week #4 Cybercrop at Scrapchat

Thanks for the comments you all made for the last entry. Lee was correct in guessing that I made the card in the left! You know my 'style' well, Lee! lol!

This week at Scrapchat we had our final March cybercrop event. It is always a lovely month in March at Scrapchat because we all have such a good time chatting and crafting! Here was the challenge for the layout about Ethan and Us:

"You need to do a layout about a loved one and a special occasion. In your layout you need to have at least one puzzle piece. Your layout must have a painted title and at least one monogram letter cut from pattern paper. You must also include an inchie somewhere on your layout."

So I made a layout about our little grandson coming to stay with us overnight for the very first time. Isn't he adorable? Grandpa and I totally enjoyed having him here!

The second challenge was a bonus challenge. We had played a game where we dumped out the contents of our handbags on the floor, then took a photo and uploaded it to the gallery. The challenge was to have the most items posted up on a list that the moderators had. I actually won this challenge!! I had 10 of the listed items and the next closest person only had 9 - LOL!

The bonus challenge was this:

" need to complete a layout using the image of the contents of your bag."

So I scrapped a pic of the contents of my handbag. I decided to put this one in my Gratitude Journal.

So once again, it has been a fun week, and I have enjoyed the crafting!

Thanks to anyone who visited Ramintessah's blog where I am her guest artist for this week :)

Happy crafting!

NOTE: If you would like ot see how I put the two layouts on this page together, I wrote about them on

Gratitude Journal
Page about Ethan

Friday, March 27, 2009

Woo hoo! I'm a Guest Artist for 'The Gallery'!!!

OOoo! I am excited! Ramintessah of The Gallery in Japan has asked me to be her Guest Artist this week! She is creating the post as I type! In this amazing world we live in, Tessah and I have been exchanging emails across the ocean at the very same time we are both posting on our blogs - how incredible is that? Do have a look at The Gallery as there are many wonderful pages to explore there :)

The template for the little purse I talked about in the last post is still going to be given away to all of those who subscribe to Paper Twists, my free newsletter at

I would love to be able to give all of you a copy of the template! The next issue goes out on 31st March and the template will be available exclusively to subscribers, so don't miss your copy.

(Jaqi, don't click on the next link now now - I'll tell you why!) In the meanwhile, today I have made some ATCs for Jaqi in England. They are 'live' on PaperCraftCentral right now, Jaqi, so if you want to be surprised, don't look yet! They will be in the mail to you on Monday :) Jaqi loves Paris so guess what they are about?

I have posted a pic of a new set of cards today using the crayon resist technique. Danielle and I made them yesterday and I think they turned out very nicely. They are a surprise for someone else in remote Qld so this time, Lucy, don't look! He he! )These are actually on their way to you now as they were posted yesterday, Lucy.) Danielle and I used the same stamps and cardstock and the same technique, but we made them look quite different from each other.

Just for fun, see if you can guess which card is mine and which one is Danielle's. They say we all have a style, and I'd like to see if that holds true for me!

Have a wonderful crafting week!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Paper Scallop Purse

I wasplaying around the other night with the idea of making paper purses that actually opened up, so you could put little gifts or messages in them. This is what I came up with. Do you like it?

I am going to publish instructions and a pattern for making it on PaperCraftCentral in the next day or so if you want to know how to make one yourself:)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Scrapchat Week 3 Cybercrop

The cybercrop challenge this week was a doozy! Here it is:

When we cut into our patterned paper – isn’t it a pain to have leftovers … so I thought what a great idea to utilize the whole sheet. Hence this is the challenge – 1 x patterned paper/cardstock --- hint… double sided will probably work the best You have to stitch on your work – hand or machine… doesn’t matter You have to use paint somewhere You have to use some fabric – yes fabric flowers, alphas, and ribbon count as fabric… You have to stamp on your work too. Now for the twist…. You have to create with this one piece of patterned cardstock as many things as you can… yes you can use plain cardstock - as much as you want. You must create at least 3 items – but only two can be of the same genre the third must be different – by genre I mean: cards, layouts, atc’s, btp An example of this will be at least – one layout and two cards; or – two layouts and one card etc...

I did the layout first. There's lace on the layout as my fabric, a stamped image edges with Radiant Rain daubers and ink, and stitching along one side. The lady is DH's mother when she was about 20 years old.

I then stole the dp from the back of the large picture and from under the lace. Next I made the purse out of the same dp and the same stamp and added ribbon and stitched randomly over the stamped image and ribbon. Again I used the Radiant Rain daubers to edge the purse. There's faux stitching on the handle and clasp.

After that I made the card, with the same dp, stamp, rain daubers, some sheer ribbon this time and I stitched random crosses on the stamped image and ribbon.


What do you think?? Why not set yourself a challenge to do this too?

Monday, March 16, 2009

Cybercrop Week 2

This week the Scrapchat cybercrop was a little different - no sketch but plenty of requirements:

"Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to create a layout that:

- Must have a black and white photo
- Must have 3 different types of patterned paper
- Must have a large journalling tag
- Must have rub-ons
- Must have bling
- Must have some ribbon, and a button on it somewhere.

No problems you say?? Well ....

.... to make it just that little bit more challenging, one piece of your patterned paper has to have stripes on it, and one piece has to have polkadots on it :lol:"

I think I got all of the requirements on the page.

Scrapchat Cybercrop Week 1

It's cybercrop time at Scrapchat this month and the first week's challenge was to follow the sketch I've posted up. I chose this pic as I have wanted to do something with it for ages! It's my DD and she's showing off some new clothes she got at Christmas a year ago :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

An UNhealthy recipe card swap :)

As you may remember from a few months ago when i posted my Savoury Lentils recipe (that one was a healthy recipe), I have been participating in some recipe card swaps. Recently we were asked for an UNhealthy recipe card! Well, I had no problems thinking of my favourite pie - lemon meringue. It seems very unhealthy now beause of all the sugar it needs, but boy is it good. MMmm!

I had fun making these cards, partly cos I got to cook the pie and eat it. Well, I needed the photos, right??

If you would like to see how I made them, I can show you how I did it on :)

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Stamping with Bleach

Do you like learning new stamping craft techniques? I do! I found a page on SplitCoastStampers that tells how you can stamp with bleach, and the card shown today is the result of my playing.

I have made a page about how to stamp with bleach over at PaperCraftCentral. If you have never tried it, it's an easy technique to learn and just might extend the uses you have for your stamps. (To say nothing of finding a better use than housework for household bleach!! Lol!)

Have fun and if you do make a card by stamping with bleach, why not upload it to PaperCraftCentral? I'd love to see it!

Happy Stampin'!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

It's Officially the End of Summer!

It's March 1st - the end of summer in Oz! Time to get ready for cooler weather.

With that thought in mind, I decided this year is the year I will learn how to quilt. Yes, quilt! I have wanted to know how it is done for years, and now is my chance. I have a few fat quarters cut into hexagons, lots of hexagon card shapes, and have started tacking I'll show you as the project progresses. Oh, I'm not making a whole quilt on my own just yet. Some other ladies at church are learning too, and we are all making blocks that will be sewn into the one quilt and it will be given away at the end :)

That doesn't mean I have given up papercrafting!! I made a double layout this week for a friend's circle journal. She wanted to know about our home towns, and I would never have thought to do a layout like that if I hadn't been asked. It was fun to do. I learned some things about my birth city that I didn't know before! Has anybody else reading this scrapped about their home town? I'd love to know how yours turned out.

I'm working on another circle journal for a friend who wants to know about something I count as a favourite - 'Your favourite whatever." That one is going to be about chocolates! Surprise, surprise!

And I have a card swap to create for - the cards are about Love.

Once I get my camera and me together with the papercrafts I am working on, I will post again :) Just wanted you to know I am still around, still up to my elbows in paper and ink and glue...

Is anyone on Twitter? I just started Twittering this week too. Put an 'lhl 'after my first name to find me if you want :)