Saturday, March 21, 2009

Scrapchat Week 3 Cybercrop

The cybercrop challenge this week was a doozy! Here it is:

When we cut into our patterned paper – isn’t it a pain to have leftovers … so I thought what a great idea to utilize the whole sheet. Hence this is the challenge – 1 x patterned paper/cardstock --- hint… double sided will probably work the best You have to stitch on your work – hand or machine… doesn’t matter You have to use paint somewhere You have to use some fabric – yes fabric flowers, alphas, and ribbon count as fabric… You have to stamp on your work too. Now for the twist…. You have to create with this one piece of patterned cardstock as many things as you can… yes you can use plain cardstock - as much as you want. You must create at least 3 items – but only two can be of the same genre the third must be different – by genre I mean: cards, layouts, atc’s, btp An example of this will be at least – one layout and two cards; or – two layouts and one card etc...

I did the layout first. There's lace on the layout as my fabric, a stamped image edges with Radiant Rain daubers and ink, and stitching along one side. The lady is DH's mother when she was about 20 years old.

I then stole the dp from the back of the large picture and from under the lace. Next I made the purse out of the same dp and the same stamp and added ribbon and stitched randomly over the stamped image and ribbon. Again I used the Radiant Rain daubers to edge the purse. There's faux stitching on the handle and clasp.

After that I made the card, with the same dp, stamp, rain daubers, some sheer ribbon this time and I stitched random crosses on the stamped image and ribbon.


What do you think?? Why not set yourself a challenge to do this too?


Anonymous said...
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Lee said...

Wow you're braver than I!!! 3 things?! And wonderful too!!

Aihara Ramintessah Sanchez said...

Oh dear I enjoyed the challenge and thanks for playing along with are so funny and made me really fell of my chair while we were chatting!I love your bag and the layout!So fab ides.