Friday, December 31, 2021

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

 I can't believe how fast 2021 went, even though it dragged in parts, mainly during lockdowns and restrictions. In spite of everything that went wrong, I was able to think back this New Year's Eve and reflect on the many blessings that also happened. 

There were major things like selling our old home and moving into a new one. There were important things like making new friends and continuing to develop friendships, being able to craft, learning new things. 

We always had food on the table and petrol in the car, and we were able to take a few local trips.

So this New Year's Eve, I decided to make an Exploding Box Album to hold some of the precious memories of 2021. If you would like to make one too, find out how here. I wrote you some instructions. And I have included information about the new supplies I used. The ribbon is the new Frayed Ribbon in white. 

May 2022 be good to us all! 

Explosion Box Album

Explosion Box Album

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Urgent: November Seasonal Sale

 This great Stampin' Up! sale is on now, but only till November 18th while stocks last! And this sale is for Aussie crafters only, sorry.


Promotion Period: 16–18 November 2021

  • The sale will run for three days only.
  • The discount includes 10% off cardstock, 15% off ink pads (excluding ink pad bundles and third-party pads), and 20% off dies.
  • The discount applies to products featured in the 2021–2022 Annual Catalogue only. Products from the July–December 2021 Mini Catalogue are not included.
  • The sale is available through both online store purchases and demonstrator orders.
  • Please note that items available vary by market based on shipping constraints and product availability.


Shop at SusanSalutations online store. 

Stampin' Up! Dies

Sunday, May 09, 2021

Happy Mother's Day!

To all the Mums out there,  I hope that you have a fabulous Mother's Day. I hope you can honour and spoil your own mother if able and that your day makes you all feel special.

There are so many beautiful hearts and flowers options in the Stampin' Up! range if you need to make a last minute card.  Garden Wishes comes to mind right away:

Then there's the heart stamps. The Lots of Heart stamp set makes some lovely appreciation gifts and cards such as shown in these samples, but use your imagination to make your projects your own.

Lots of Heart stamp set

 If you want classically beautiful flowers, the Prized Peony stamp set is perfect. Here are some more cards samples using the Peony stamps:

Prized Peony projects

However you celebrate today, I hope it is a good day

Till next time.

Tuesday, March 02, 2021

How Do I Use Gilded Leafing?

 Many have asked me how to use Gilded Leafing. It's such a pretty embellishment! And it isn't too hard to use.

It comes in a large jar like this.

Gilded Leafing

See that plastic container at the bottom left? You need one of those (I use a deeper one) to hold the gold leaf while you work with it.

Be careful once you let it out of the jar! It is light as a feather and easy to cause it to puff into the air! I turn off all fans and close the windows when I am working with it. This is a time even a face mask could be useful! It will stop you accidentally puffing air towards the light, thin leaf and then finding it all over your desk and clothing!

The next thing I use to affix gold leaf is my Tombow Multipurpose liquid glue. I add a thin film of the glue to the part of an image I want to gild and put it aside to dry. Tombow Multi dries tacky! It's perfect for adding some gilded leaf to your projects.

You can even draw wiggly lines like this, allow them to dry, and gild them. Try dots, add some glue to the middle of a flower image, or to the windows of a stamped house. Add some to a reindeer image's antlers! The possibilities are endless.


Tombow Multipurpose Adhesive


The next thing you need is some kind of brush with stiff bristles. I use one like this. I bought it at a grocery store in the stationery section. You could even use an inexpensive child's paintbrush set. It is a perfect tool for brushing away excess gold leafing.

Paint Brush

So once you have your tacky image all set to go, put a little gold leaf into your large container, and press your tacky image into the gold leaf. It will pick up lots of fluffy bits! Then bring in your stiff brush and brush away the excess, making sure the excess your brush off  falls back into your large container.

For the project I am showcasing here, I dry embossed my cardstock then swiped Tombow across some of the raised parts, allowed it to dry, then pressed the gilded leafing into the tackiness. I brushed away the excess and voila!  A finished, embellished piece!


Gilded Leafing

Be sure to use the same stiff brush to help to carefully put the excess Gilded Leafing back into its jar.

Other ways to Use Gilded Leafing:

You can also use Heat and Stick Powder to gild stamped images. Stamp in Versamark first. Quickly pour Heat & Stick Powder on top. Tap away the excess (as thought you are going to heat emboss the image).

Now use a heat tool to quickly heat the Heat & Stick powder. The trick here is not to heat it too long. Your image will then be tacky enough to pick up the Gold Leafing.

You can use double sided tape to create lines of gilded leafing on your projects. Just lay some tape down on your project, take off the covering paper, and press it into the gold leafing. You could create just straight lines or criss-cross lines of tape across your project to create a pattern.

I'll add a few more images once I have photographed my projects to show you what I mean.

Here are links to the products I used while using gilded leafing:

Gilded Leafing 

Multi Purpose Liquid Glue 

Versamark Pad

Heat Tool

Heat & Stick Powder

Ask questions about how to use these products in comments and I will get back to you. :)

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Gilded Leafing as an Embellishment

Gilded leafing is a popular technique this year and I just had to try playing with it! 
This card has an embossed panel in the background and I chose to use the gilded leafing on that. 

When you get these gold flakes, they come in a large jar. When you open that jar, be careful! The leafing is light and airy and can be puffed away by the smallest breath.

I turned off my fan and had a large plastic container ready before I opened mine. I also had a stiff paintbrush at the ready.

Once I embossed my cardstock, I brushed some Tombow glue across the raised ridges and set it aside to allow the glue to become tacky dry.

Then I carefully piled gold leaf on top of the glue. Once it had caught, I brushed the excess away with my stiff paintbrush.

It really is a pretty effect!
Shop for supplies used to make this project:

Stitched So Sweetly Dies 151690

Dandy Garden 6" x 6" DSP  154297


Gilded leafing detail


Sunday, February 14, 2021

Happy Valentine's Day!

 I whipped this card up for me husband yesterday. I think he appreciated it! As promised, I used the same stamp set I used for Galentine's Day to make it.

What do you think?


I used an ink pad to drag across the embossed card front to highlight the rides in the Old Paper impressions. I used Petal Pink to do that. Since hubby and I have been married for a couple of decades now, I htought Old Paper suitable for my purpose! Lol!

I hope you enjoyed Galentine's Day, Valentine's Day or both.

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Happy Galentine's Day!

 That's not a typo! Today is Galentine's Day and I have a stamp set to prove it! Lol! It's a day started around 2010 in the US after a TV show named an episode after the celebration of gal pals. It's a day to let your girlfriends know you appreciate them and all they do! Have a party, phone them, send a card. I made sure to make a heap of these little cards so I could wish my church friends a happy day.

Galentine's Day happens on February 14th, the day before Valentine's Day. I think is is a great way to make those who aren't in a relationship, are widowed or divorced, special as well. Valentine's Day can be a bad day for them, so why not take the opportunity to turn it around for them a little?

Here are the supplies I used to make my little Galentine's Day cards. 

I think I have an idea for my husband's Valentine using this set as well. I'll come back tomorrow and show you if it works out :)

Happy Galentine's Day!