Saturday, June 30, 2007

Stipple Rose

I am sleepy but was determined to get a card up on my blog tonight. Have just become a hobby demo for SU! and got all these wonderful new stamp sets to play with when I joined. I have admired the Stipple Rose set from afar for over a year, and just had to play tonight. I used the blender pen and the pastels as well for the first time. Will look at it in the light of day and see if I still like it - felt a bit awkward using all the new things but I am sure to wear everything in pretty soon! Lol!

Saturday, June 23, 2007


This week at DCM the challenge is from Rhi: 'Everything we buy has packaging, some of it excessive, some of it beautifully designed. Tags, labels, stickers... all sorts of bits and bobs that we can recycle onto cards.

I dare you to make a card using a tag, label, sticker or anything else you can find, thats from packaging and would normally end up in the bin. Of course you can ink it, change it, distress it and add anything else you like!

If you're feeling brave, I DOUBLE DARE you to make it a card for a man!'

Well, Rhi, I salvaged some birthday candles this week (since it was my birthday!) and used them to drip wax onto this card. They make pretty balloons I think. The card is for a whole family who spoiled me this week, one of which is a man! So I managed to complete your Dare AND your Double Dare!!

I Double Dare anyone reading this to join is if they have not already done so!


Got to spend time with my friends setting out pages in my album today and working on a special album fro DD who is turning 21 soon. Am not finished the album fro DD yet but was pleased with this page today. I had great fun drawing and cutting out the splashes!

All materials used were Creative Memories. Note the border - it was simple to do and I used double sided paper.

Monday, June 11, 2007


Hi it's Keryn here (from DCM) and it's my turn to set the dare this week. This time I asked my family for ideas for this weeks dare and the best amongst a lot of ideas including power tools etc, etc was Lachlan's ideas for Space. It's been his topic at school this term. (Lachlan is seven and in Year 3). To make in a little easier on you all I've called it Celestial to also include horoscopes as well as planets, spaceships, stars, suns etc. How you use these items is up to you.

It just so happened I needed a 21st Birthday card for my nephew today - and this theme fit perfectly!

If you haven't seen DCM yet, go on over now and join in the dares!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Daintree and Cape Tribulation

Spent a craft free day - a drawback only because I do have a card to make - but the day was a glorious one and I loved every minute of it. DH and I drove to the Daintree River and to Cape Tribulation and just enjoyed the beauty of the country and each other's company. It was a wonderful break for us both. We are tired in a good way this cold evening (it's not down to freezing yet but early this morning we had the first frost of the winter) and will soon away to sleep, but I wanted to show you a picture of the beach in late afternoon - just gorgeous - and a view from the top of the range on the way back to Mossman. We are so blessed to live in this beautiful land.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Warmest Wishes

Amy came all the way up here from Cairns yesterday (96kms!!) to do a demo for me and some friends, and we had a wonderful time! There were seven of us counting Amy and I. Amy, you are so clever and well-organised and just plain fun to be around! I was so pleased to be stamping with other people who love to stamp!! Very Happy Laughing Smile

That's Amy on the left and me on the right, a pic of all the cards made at the workshop and a closeup of the one I made. I included a picture of the little tin Amy brought and decorated before our eyes - she had pre-packed it with the little stamps. It wound up being my special gift for holding the workshop! What a clever idea.

It was a fun day - my first day with fellow stampers in 'real life'. Thanks to all of you on the Internet, many of whom read this Blog, I have learned heaps. It was a great treat to be stamping with 'live' people - like speed learning!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Little Extra - Black with One Other Colour

This weeks little extra from DCM is to use Black and ONE other colour only. We, the design team decided to be really nice to you all and allow shades of that one colour to make it really easy for you (and us...he..he...! (see aren't we nice to you ?)

So here is my entry fro the Little Extra challenge. In real life, all the colours are shades of green!

If you are reading this, c'mon over to DCM and try out the dares fro yourself! It's fun!