Sunday, March 01, 2009

It's Officially the End of Summer!

It's March 1st - the end of summer in Oz! Time to get ready for cooler weather.

With that thought in mind, I decided this year is the year I will learn how to quilt. Yes, quilt! I have wanted to know how it is done for years, and now is my chance. I have a few fat quarters cut into hexagons, lots of hexagon card shapes, and have started tacking I'll show you as the project progresses. Oh, I'm not making a whole quilt on my own just yet. Some other ladies at church are learning too, and we are all making blocks that will be sewn into the one quilt and it will be given away at the end :)

That doesn't mean I have given up papercrafting!! I made a double layout this week for a friend's circle journal. She wanted to know about our home towns, and I would never have thought to do a layout like that if I hadn't been asked. It was fun to do. I learned some things about my birth city that I didn't know before! Has anybody else reading this scrapped about their home town? I'd love to know how yours turned out.

I'm working on another circle journal for a friend who wants to know about something I count as a favourite - 'Your favourite whatever." That one is going to be about chocolates! Surprise, surprise!

And I have a card swap to create for - the cards are about Love.

Once I get my camera and me together with the papercrafts I am working on, I will post again :) Just wanted you to know I am still around, still up to my elbows in paper and ink and glue...

Is anyone on Twitter? I just started Twittering this week too. Put an 'lhl 'after my first name to find me if you want :)

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Chriss Rollins said...

Hello Susan,

Forgot to say I love your new pic.

The end of summer well we are heading into Spring on the 21st march.

Where has the time gone I fast we are almost at the end of the first 1/4 of 2009.


Would you care to join us again in the challenge for March ATC's...just let me's a great theme.

take care and as soon as you get your camera we must see more pics of your gorgeous grandchild.

xxx chriss x