Monday, March 30, 2009

Week #4 Cybercrop at Scrapchat

Thanks for the comments you all made for the last entry. Lee was correct in guessing that I made the card in the left! You know my 'style' well, Lee! lol!

This week at Scrapchat we had our final March cybercrop event. It is always a lovely month in March at Scrapchat because we all have such a good time chatting and crafting! Here was the challenge for the layout about Ethan and Us:

"You need to do a layout about a loved one and a special occasion. In your layout you need to have at least one puzzle piece. Your layout must have a painted title and at least one monogram letter cut from pattern paper. You must also include an inchie somewhere on your layout."

So I made a layout about our little grandson coming to stay with us overnight for the very first time. Isn't he adorable? Grandpa and I totally enjoyed having him here!

The second challenge was a bonus challenge. We had played a game where we dumped out the contents of our handbags on the floor, then took a photo and uploaded it to the gallery. The challenge was to have the most items posted up on a list that the moderators had. I actually won this challenge!! I had 10 of the listed items and the next closest person only had 9 - LOL!

The bonus challenge was this:

" need to complete a layout using the image of the contents of your bag."

So I scrapped a pic of the contents of my handbag. I decided to put this one in my Gratitude Journal.

So once again, it has been a fun week, and I have enjoyed the crafting!

Thanks to anyone who visited Ramintessah's blog where I am her guest artist for this week :)

Happy crafting!

NOTE: If you would like ot see how I put the two layouts on this page together, I wrote about them on

Gratitude Journal
Page about Ethan

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Lee said...

Oh that had to be soooo fun!!! Those pics of your grandbaby are sure adorable!! I bet Grandma and Grandpa just couldn't get enough hugs and smiles!!! Maybe sleep too though!!?? LOL