Saturday, July 24, 2010

Easel Card

Easel Cards are such a nice way to display photos for a friend or relative. I made a few of these recently and just thought I would share this one with you. They are great for special occasions where you have taken a group photo, a portrait photo, for displaying scenery or just about anything really!

I hope you like this one of a Magpie Lark perching on the verandah rail.


Paula J Atkinson said...

Very beautiful card, Susan & I also love the wedding page below. I look forward to viewing more of the album.

Pearl said...

ooo ! that bird image is just wonderful , Susan !!!!

I have tried out an easel card before - using images of a Korean Boy band for a teen ! lol & I should make it a point to make some more . ;)

Chriss Rollins said...

i do love your easel cards sooo much intrest and the lovely clear buttons work so well.
your photograph came in very handy too.

i have caught up. x