Tuesday, January 29, 2008

7 more random facts for Lisa

I visited Lisa's blog today and got tagged to list seven random fatcs about myself. If you haven't been tagged before, try it! It's a way to get to know people a little better :-) I have played tag a few times and always learn new things about other blogging friends.

Here's seven random facts about me for today:

1. My three kids have all grown up and left home
2. I'm going to become a grandmother in a few months
3. I have a foxie-chihuahua cross dog who is 14 years old
4. I love quiet and peaceful surroundings and enjoy being out of doors a lot
5. I have two tabby cats, aged 16 and 12
6. Strangers often start talking to me without any invitation and tell me their troubles
7. I am often mistaken for other people (maybe that's why complete strangers tell me their troubles???)


Lisa's Blessed A Latte said...

Love this Susan...Thanks for replying to my tag. I know why people bare their souls to you...It's your Sweet disposition,it even comes across in your comments...((Big Hugs))

Lee said...

A Gramma?? Wow!! Keep us all posted...even though you do not look old enough to be a grandmother!! I get told that I look like a lot of others too.......and I think....a large, red-headed lady??? I don't think that there are THAT many of us around!!!! LOL

Amy said...

I think strangers might approach you Susan because, like I have said before... you are just so KIND! I think people can just see that straight up! Then put you an Colin together and you probably have to beat people off with sticks!!