Sunday, January 27, 2008


Do you like photography? I'm part of a 52 week photo challenge over at Scrapchat. Since I know very little about my lovely new camera, I thought this would be one a good way for me to learn something. I'm not sure it's working (the 'learn about photography by doing challenges part), but I did take a picture of the moon the other night to submit for the 'Serenity' theme. I think the moon looked much more serene in real life. I obviously don't know how to adjust the camera to show a nice moon shot. Any suggestions will be gratefully received! Oh - this was shot taken from my back door so is technically a 'What's In My Back Yard' shot as well.

'Technical' details. I have a digital SLR camera. I put the camera on a night time setting. I didn't have a tripod (my daughter has borrowed it) so held my breath while the camera did it's thing, slowly. The I put the photo through a photo enhancing program where I adjusted the contrast and shadow components. The picture still doesn't look like the moon I saw, though it's better this way than it was in the original version. And it was windy which is part of the reason for the fuzzy shrubbery. The other reason for the fuzz is because even holding my breath and leaning on a wall, I know I move more than a tripod would!



Lee said...

Oh my Susan!! I think this is a fabulous shot and really does fit the category for Serenity!!! Where are you looking to move? Far from your current home? I'll join you in the busy and crazy packing and moving times!!!

Suzanne said...

OH I think this is a wonderful picture of the moon! I knew right away what it was before even reading about it. I think you will learn lots in the 52 weeks. I can't wait to see your pictures. I may borrow some of your ideas. I've been just trying to take photos that represent something in my day for my 365 project on my Life Out My Window BLOG , but I'm finding a lot of my days are filled with same things as others and I'm running out of ideas to take photos of....I still need one today and it's almost bed time!

Amy said...

Susan, Matt uses this website to find out how to take photos of certain things (can be pretty technical though but walks you through). He tooks some fantastic shots of the moon and they actually come out looking like the example pic with craters and everything!!! You will want a pretty big lens (we use the 250mm but could still be much bigger) and a tripod though. Otherwise, use a small lens and crop it to make it zoom in later. The best thing you can buy too is a remote switch (I LOVE ours!) it was only $30 from Garricks in Cairns and it plugs in to the side of the camera on a cord so you don't get camera shake when you press the button! Let me know if you would like me to email you a pic!