Saturday, June 07, 2008

Try something new!

Leonardo da Vinci was a pretty interesting person. He was always trying something new, just like we papercrafters do. I found this quote from an e-zine I subscribe to this morning:

"What is it that makes Leonardo such a genius? I believe it’s not just that he was so prolific and talented in so many areas, but that he was constantly trying new things. He constantly propelled himself to get way outside of his main areas of expertise to try something new. He wasn’t afraid to be “bad” at something, because he knew that the only failure was not trying". Marney from Artella

So try something new today with me! You don't have to aspire to being a genius! I made a collage of my dear husband's (working hard) feet as my attempt! He's on a ladder, by the way (not suspended in the air), working at something on the edge of the roof.

Artella has a challenge or two you might like to consider as well :-) Here are the details of their most recent dare:

Introducing Artella's The DaVinci Dare! Spread your wings and try something new! Here's how The DaVinci Dare works:

a. Go browse in The Artella Land Store and specifically look for things that will challenge you to try something new. If you need suggestions, you can visit the interactive DaVinci Dare Worksheet, which we created to help inspire you to make the most of Artella's DaVinci Dare!

b. Make your selection. Again, aim to pick items that will truly challenge you to try something new...that’s your part of the DaVinci Dare pact! (Hint: if you're slightly nervous when adding the item to your cart, then that's a good sign that you're on the right track to your new Renaissance!)

c. Our part of the DaVinci Dare pact is to reward you with our most generous instant savings ever on the Artella eProducts that you've selected. To find out how much you will save on the downloadable Artella eProducts in your purchase, simply go to this page to enter the amount of your total purchase in the Magical DaVinci Decoder. The DaVinci Decoder will tell you the amount of your savings on eProducts, and the coupon code to use when you check out.

d. If you like, you can add more to your shopping cart and re-visit the DaVinci Decoder again, to see how the Decoder will reward you for challenging yourself...DaVinci style! When you are ready to complete your order, simply enter the coupon code from the DaVinci Decoder. The appropriate amount will be deducted from the eProducts you've purchased.

This offer expires on June 15, 2008, at midnight EST. Remember, the most important part of the DaVinci Dare i s to have fun! Stretch yourself in new ways and enjoy the DaVinci Dare rewards for doing so!

NOTE : Now, you don't have to buy anything from Artella's store to try something new. Choose something in your own environment that challenges you and take a picture of it to show what your inspiration is.

Have a great June day!


Lee said...

Very cool-looking collage Susan!!! I did one of all of our faces on a digital page a while is an awesome look!!

Suzanne said...

I love collages like this. Back years ago (and I do mean many many years)Jerry did something like this with hands. IT was so cool....hmmmm I wonder where it is???

That is some web site. My head is spinning just from wandering around it for a half an hour or so.....