Saturday, June 07, 2008

The adventures of Dottie

If you haven't seen Dottie's adventures with Jaqi yet (Dottie is from Chriss's The Artist's Trading Club - Swap till you Drop) I do suggest you visit Jaqi's blog! She has gone to a lot of trouble to tell the story of Dottie's visit there for a week!

I posted a picture of Dottie so you will recognise her. She doesn't always dress this way. Her wardrobe is extensive - lots of crafters have provided her with outfits from all over the world. She visits Chriss' friends for a week at a time, and she certainly got up to a lot with Jaqi. The week isn't even over yet and she has had to be rescued twice by men in uniform. But don't let me spoil the fun - have a look for yourself!


Lee said...

That is tooo hilarious!!! Little girls never do get over playing with paper dolls, eh??? LOL

Chriss Rollins said...

lee you are soooo right... my friends and i loved dressing dottie.
thanx sue x
and congratulations on being grandparents... you will love it its soooo special...i if i had known that GC would be this much fun i would have had them first. lol
chriss x

Suzanne said...

Dottie is a piece of work. She's one adventurous lady! I haven't chuckled this much in ages. Such adventures......

Jaqi said...

Thanks for the mention, its been a fun week, Jaqi x