Thursday, June 05, 2008

Scrapchat's 1st Birthday Album Surprise

Scrapchat is an almost 1 year old paper craft forum! We are celebrating a year of chatting by making an album from all members who want to contribute as a surprise for the founder. The forum is pink so the album theme is predominantly pink. I made a postcard for her as she loves them. It was fun to make and required some thinking!

I made the postcard to slide out of the pocket on the lower right hand side. Hopefully the page protector on the album will allow that kind of thing (someone else is compliling the album - the members are just supplying that lovely person with a layout each).

I have given you a cloesup of both sides of the post card. You will recognise the butterfly I think :-)

Shhh - don't tell Gypsy that this is here until about the 21st of June! That's when she should receive the surprise.


Suzanne said...

WOW! This is an amazing page. I adore it. So much going on and it all works together perfectly.

Any baby news yet????

Lee said...

Ohhh so pretty Susan!!!! And yes, I just LOVE that butterfly!!! I also love that big flower and how you wrote on each petal!!! What a wonderful gift!!