Friday, June 06, 2008

Alpha Negatives turn Positive

Thanks for the positive feedback about my scrapbook page from yesterday! It's on its way now to the lady who is making the album up.

Do you have chipboard letters? Have you used them and are you left with the surrounding chipboard shapes, like these in the picture? Can't bear to throw them away? Why not turn the negatives into positives?

I'm in a swap right now where we are doing just that. Last night I completed three of the six letters I owe the swap. Here's some 'before' and 'after' examples (I'm going to turn the 'befores' into 'afters' sometime today, I hope. These needed to be in the mail last week!) There are endless possibilities with these little projects and they don't take long to do. Get your imagination going and let me know if you do complete some alpha negatives!

No baby news yet. We're still all awaiting.


Lee said...

ohhhh what a fun idea!!!! I really need to use more chipboard....I'm kinda new to that stuff!!!

Paula J Atkinson said...

If you have negatives taht are the same size, you can spell out a word & make a minibook using the letters as the page. Leaving a blank page between each letter, concertina style for pictures.
E.G. Love & add photos of a child/loved one etc between.
I made one many moons ago before I had a digital camera & the photos were so rubbish I binned them.
Sadly my latest set are not the same size!!!!!

Chriss Rollins said...

thanx Susan,
I just happen to have a challenge to do about initials so i may just go with your idea i have been toying with what to do for the card all week.
i will let you know if i go with yours.
chriss x

Suzanne said...

What a great idea! Like Lee I need to work to use my chip board might say I am "chip board phobic"....