Friday, June 13, 2008

Inchies Swap

I did it! I packed AND I completed some images for a Scrapchat swap! You just never know when you can sneak in and work on some papercrafts around here! Col is watching the footy so I snuck in to cut and paste - he he he.

We're swapping 18 "inchies". They are called that because they are literally 1" square, (or as close to that as I could get them), and I was required to do three lots of six. I chose to find some inspirational women and make them the subject of my inchies. Here I have featured (from left to right) Florence May Austral who was a singer (1892 - 1968), Elizabeth Riddell who was a journalist and poet (1910 - 1998) and Georgiana Huntly who was an artist and diarist (1804 - 1890). The photo doesn't show the colours or the pen work well. If you click on the image you might get a better view.

I am planning to get another swap done - the Circle Journal one - and maybe do a little 2"x2" square as a surprise to add to the inchie swap (the lady organising it is putting together a 2"x2" tiled collage of people from Scrapchat).

All this and packing and sorting and throwing away and giving away and farewelling and trying to get meals in a depleted kitchen (Col packed most of my cooking utensils and appliances today - guess it will be takeaway for next week! Lol!) Oh and washing curtains and furniture covers and pillows and so on as well! Joy!

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Lee said...

Oh wow Susan!!! These inchies are just stunning!!! And what a special tribute also! I haven't tried inchies yet!! Good for you getting some creative time really is a stress reliever when you're in the middle of chaos!!! I sure hope things go quickly for you so you can just be finished with all the mundane tasks associated with moving!! Hugs!!