Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Shopping Day

I spent a lot of time in the shops today instead of in my craft room. I have an order for some gift boxes so was out checking the shops for likely gift items. This little town is nowhere near equipped to take on a person like me with such a task! I couldn't find boxes, baskets or trays in my price range anywhere. Guess it means a trip to the next town, and this Saturday is when that will happen.

Will post a pic when I have something completed.

Today was also a day I got to see a couple of customers and place nice stamping order! Can't wait to see the new stamps. They should arrive next week.


david santos said...

Hi, Susan!
I loved this post.

Lee said...

Shopping sounds fun........but only if you get to come home with what you want!!!! LOL Hmmmm......I'm wondering about that post above WHO would be happy you didn't find anything to buy?? AHA!!! For me it would be my hubby!!! Any chance.................???? ROFL!!

Suzanne said...

Maybe not finding anything shopping but it is so fun unpacking an order from SU. Have lots of fun when it comes.