Saturday, February 09, 2008

I'm back!

Just got back from Brisbane and can see I am going ot have to spend some time catching up on everyone's blogs! Thanks so much for the messages you all posted for me - I didn't get to use the computer much while I was away this time so couldn't thank you properly then :-)

We have a house in Bris but have not sold the one up here after all. The contract fell through :( So it's back on the market, and we have a bit longer to wait before all the changes take place. Will keep you posted!

And hopefully I will get some scrapping or card making done in the next week!!


Suzanne said...

Welcome back! So sorry to hear that the contract on your house fell through. What a bummer. I hope the perfect buyer shows up very soon!

Lee said...

Oh what a bummer indeed!! We may be in the same boat here soon. The market is not great, but we don't want to have to wait until the house sells to move. So who knows?? I'll be sending some hugs and prayers that everything works out for the best!! And congrats on the new holsue!!

Nardi said...

Welcome back Susan!! We've missed you and your frequent blogging.
Praying all goes well for house in the coming days and weeks.

Andrea, said...

Sorry to hear your house sale fell through. Hope you manage to sell it soon

My Paper World said...

Oh, thats a real shame Susan, I hope you find a new buyer very soon xx