Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Scrap book morning

I spent this morning scrapping at a friends. The afternoon was taken up with people, house showings (no contract yet), and then making dinner for company before going out to church. I just took some pics of the two pages I completed and the makings for a third. Have also managed to string my Circle Journal together tonight, though I still need to complete a couple of pages in it before I can send it off to the other people in the swap. I need a pensive pic of me - any volunteer photographers out there?

Will post pics tomorrow as I just realised the photo download cable is in a cupboard right next to sleeping DH...! Can't wake him for that.

Hmmm. DH. Must get that Valentine's Day card out for him before I go to :yawn: sleep.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone :-D


Lee said...

Sounds like you're getting to enjoy a little bit of crafting at this crazy time of moving! Can't wait to see the pics......I'd take that pensive photo of you, but I don't know if my zoom will work across a few thousand miles!!!! LOL

My Paper World said...

I cant wait to see the photos of your pages Susan! xx

Suzanne said...

Happy Valentines. Please visit my BLOG soon!