Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Stained Glass WIndows

It was raining again here and what better to do on a rainy day than scrapbook? The regular Wednesday Workshop was a lot of fun today. We made Stained Glass Window layouts. This layout really only leaves room for one picture, and I thought this one of my DD and her cousins when they were growing up, posed with their grandparents, was a good one. It was taken in 1992.


Lee said...

What a sweet picture!! And such a pretty Stained Glass Window layout!!! Oh what memories!! In 1992 mine were newborn and 2 yo!! Wow!! WHERE did the time go?????

Suzanne said...

This is a marvelous layout! I absolutely love it and need to figure out how to capture an image of it to put in my files for use. If you don't mind that it.

Thank you for the lovely comments about my quilt. No I took the picture and the fingers and toes are my mom's. She's about 5'5" I think at this point. (She was 5'7", but told me she's shrinking!) As to coming to Australia it is on my travel list. But unfortunately not in the plans at this moment. Maybe I Should begin purchasing lottery tickets LOL I'd probably get there quicker it I put the money spent on lottery tickets in a travel account!

Chriss Rollins said...

i have never een a stained glass layout before must say i love it
chriss x