Thursday, March 13, 2008

Guestbook & Thanks

Chriss, thank you for signing my Guestbook (see bottom of page)! I appreciate comments people have made there :-) And I fixed the last post so you can see which other page fits with the new one. I must remember to photograph my album pages before I put the sleeve protectors on. The protector causes haze/glare. Sorry about that.

I want to thank everybody for making comments on my blog too. It's such a delight to open up
my blog and find someone has taken the time to comment! You're all a big reason why I continue to blog and I hope I encourage you all by commenting on your blogs :-)

Will have a new card to post soon. Meanwhile, I'm off to see your blogs!


Anonymous said...
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Lee said...

You are fun and talented and I really enjoy your blog Susan!! And you do encourage others and leave wonderful comments too.....I'm so glad I "met" you!!!

Tom Hurley said...

You're right Susan. Comments to a blog are like laughter to a live comedian or applause to a live play or to a musical concert. Without comments, we're talking to ourselves!