Friday, March 28, 2008

Bush Babies

Lee asked me if my possum was a Bush Baby and I thought I'd let you know what they are in Australia (as opposed to Africa where they have a real live animal called a Bush Baby that looks surprisingly possum-like!)

To me, Bush Babies in Australia are fictional creatures. They are forever tied to the wonderful creations from May Gibbs who created the Gumnut Babies (I got this picture in my blog from May Gibbs' website [linked above] today) the Big Bad Banksia Men, and so on.
The possum that boards in my bottlebrush tree is actually a Brushtail Possum and there are heaps of cute images of them here.
Lee, I'm glad you asked! I would never have searched for these cute pictures otherwise!


Lee said...

Wow!!! VERY cool info and pics Sussan!!! I absolutely love, love, love learning about animals!!! When I showed hubby the photos he wondered also if they were Bush Babies as it didn't have a long snout like our possums do here. But I totally have learned something new.......Brushtail Possums don't actually look a whole lot like the possums here.........well, not here in the West where I live, but here as in the States. Thanks so much for your research Susan!!! You ROCK!!!! :)

Andrea C (Frog) said...

Awww what a cutie i would love those in my back garden. Glad your goodies have arrived have fun and your welcome.

Andrea xx