Sunday, March 30, 2008

Scrapchat's last Cybercrop for March

At Scrapchat we had some challenges that caused blasts from the past this weekend. I did two of the three challenges in time - that is, before midnight tonight!

Here's the first one:
"You will need a photo of yourself from 50% or less of your age ago. So if you are 30, it has to be a pic of you at the age of fifteen or younger; if you are 50 it has to be a photo of you at the age of 25 or younger. The title MUST be ‘A piece of me in history’ Use broken blocks for your journaling, which has to be in YOUR OWN HANDWRITING. You HAVE to only use things in your stash…NO CHEATING!!!! No ducking to the scrap shop".

I used all Creative Memories materials for this page. I made the gum blossom flowers out of photo safe paper and used photo safe pens on them to make them look more 'real' and found the 1981 World History facts online.

I used to work at that desk - gahhh! No Computer!! It was the year the first PC was produced, in fact, so we all used electric of manual typewriters - Ka CHING! I certainly didn't have one of those on my desk though. Somehow, life was simpler and I did know how to write with my own hands back then!!

The second challenge was a 'bonus' challenge and you might like to try this one too one day. I loved the effect. Here are the instructions we were given:

"My challenge is to create a layout with a bit of a retro feel to it. You will need to use a 60's photo of yourself or of a family member. Here is the thing - your layout has to be created only using Black and White Cardstock and Pattern Paper and the only way you can add colour to your layout is by adding it with your embellishments. All embellishments must be bright with a retro funky feel to them".

Now I may not have stuck to the 'retro' feel fro the embellishments, but I think wattle was pretty much a common emblem to use back then, so I used that idea. Again, I used all Creative Memories materials. I was so hapy to have gone to this old album (I worked out it is over 40 years old) as I had not checked on these photos in years and the acid from the pages and especially from the old photo corners was eating into the pictures. I took all of the pictures out of that album and scanned the ones I liked best, then put the originals in a Creative Memories safe photo storage box for later.


Lee said...

Oh wow Susan!!! Those are so awesome!! Too funny about the computers....but you're so right!! The page of you when you were little looks wonderfully retro!! I love the embellies you used too!! I have a very rough I only scrap from the time I got married and had my own family!! :) But I sure enjoyed seeing your wonderful memories!!

Chriss Rollins said...

Susan they are brill, where you born with that fantastic smile.
thanx for sharing your pages with us.
chriss x

Suzanne said...

Hi Susan,
These layouts look like such fun to do...they are also wonderful pages. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Paula J Atkinson said...

Fabulous pages susan, great colours & fabby photos.
I'm signed up for my first cybercrop at the end of April. Im looking forward to the actual work but i don't like all the endless chatter about nothing in particular in the month leading up to it. I mean how many times can you read "Ooh Im so excited" without losing the will to live!!

My Paper World said...

What a gorgeous photo of you Susan!
This is my favourite out of all your work! (and I love EVERYTHING that you create!)
a perfect Lo of a little bit of your history! So funny about the computers too! How things have changed!
Thanks for sharing!
Nicola xx