Monday, March 03, 2008

Scrapping Day

Wow - Far North Queensland has been experiencing lots of flash flooding today. We live a long way up from sea level so haven't had too many problems, but the flooding down on the coast has been worsened by the high tides they's been having as well. We had a lot of rain today but no flooding, thank the Lord.

In general it has been a little more calm around here today than it was yesterday so I decided it was time to do some album pages tonight. I have started an album for my DD who is now 21, as all of her childhood photos were in an unsafe environment. Lots of her photos were going yellow and brown or otherwise changing their colour and being eaten by acid from the old albums and the glue in them etc, so when I discovered Creative Memories I took most of them out of their old albums and am now picking the best ones to place in Creative Memories albums, since they gauruntee the photos will not deteriorate if kept in their albums for the lifetime of the owner. I heard they will last 100 years, so that'll see me out well and truly.

I used all Creative Memories materials. I used paper from the 'Little Girl' pack, and metallic and felt pens, and the vellum rose window is made with black cardstock and Kaleidoscope stickers, and I cut the circles out with the custom cutting system.

Oh the page with the three photos to the left is based on a sketch from Chris G over at Scrapchat.

Do check your old albums (if you haven't already) and see if they are keeping your precious photos safe. It's hard to get pictures back sometimes if they have deteriorated too much.


Lee said...

Those are so sweet Susan!! I hear ya.......when I found out about Creative Memories a few years ago I went thru my old "magnetic" albums and rescued all my photos!! Although some of them were already damaged......but now they're safe either in new Albums or the Creative Memories storage photo boxes!! Those are awesome!!

Paula J Atkinson said...

Gorgeous photos!! Love the layouts.
Hope you have sold the house.
I am so behind with projects I have become sick of them! I am starting some new things in the hope of keeping my creative thoughts together.Sometimes I wish I hadn't started something as I am just not inspired enough. I miss the Deck of Me.

Andrea C (Frog) said...

Gorgeous lay out Susan.

Andrea :) xx

Bronwyn said...

Hey Susan
I love your layouts of your 'little' girl. And I especially love your album for your DH - thought I'd tell you here again, even though I said it already on the forum!!

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Andrea, said...

Wonderful layouts, the colours and photos are fab. Hope your house sale goes through ok