Sunday, October 05, 2008

Hot Glue Guns!

How do you use your hot glue gun? Do you have a picture of something you have created with yours? How about sharing it on PaperCraftCentral? You can now publish comments on some of the pages there and I am planning on making it possible to share even more!

I'd love to see anything you have created!! It would help others to see what can be done as well. So feel free to upload a comment/pic on the glue gun page at PaperCraftCentral, OK?

Hope your day has been a happy one. XX


Lee said...

Oh's been a while since I used one!! I'll have to think about this!

Suzanne said...

Oh glue guns are my nemesis. You don't want to see what happenswhen I try and use one, but I will check out your site to see it there are tips that might help....