Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Grins and greetings! Oh and a RAK and prayer request.

Hi all - just thought I had best post a comment so you know I am still among the land of the living - lol! I have been busy working with my hubby in our andyman/home maintenance business learning new things that have nothing to do with paper crafting, which is kind of sad but surprisingly I am also enjoying the experience.

We just accepted several new jobs and they are huge, so now I go off to work with hubby every day. I now know how to operate a ride-on mower, clean a swimming pool, and use a push mower and leaf blower! I never thought I would enjoy this kind of work having been at desk jobs all my life till now, but it is like a sea change so far.

I will not be giving paper crafting up! I just need to work out when I can have time to craft given the new physical labour and excess of sun each day making me want to fall into bed earlier than usual...

Happy note: I received some beee-OO-tiful altered brads inthe mail from some crafting friends today. I will have to photograph and show you a few! Give me a few days and I will do just that :)

In the meantime, the lovely and compassionate and talented Lee has posted something amazing about an inspiring family. If you would like to help them, please go on over and read about it. Prayers and RAKs help so much...

Have a lovely day!

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Lee said...

Oh wow!!! You have been super busy!!!!! I sure hope you're enjoying your new place!! Thanks so much for posting that prayer request are wonderful!!! HUGS!!