Tuesday, May 27, 2008

On the way to Chillagoe

The trip we took a couple of days ago is still creating images in my mind. I tool lots of photos but only a few are really worth sharing. I need to do a lot more study of my camera before I really understand how it works!

This is some of the rock that was a typical sight on the way to Chillagoe, home of the most amazing limestone caves and holder of many of my youthful memories. See how twisted and layered the rock it is? There are lots of signs of major geological upheaval around Chillagoe. The rocks seem to have been folded, twisted, then forced upwards when huge underground domes of lava pushed their way up to the surface - some domes were 50kms (31.06855 miles) across. The wind and rain has weathered what is left of such fingers as this.

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Lee said...

Oh wow!! Very interesting Lava Rocks!!