Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ballet Days

When my DD was little, she loved to dance. I decided to do some pages of her ballet days. The ballet lessons didn't last too long but I think they had a big impact on her as she still loves movement and dance and music.

I made the embellishments for these pages with punches and metallic pen work but they still look like they need something. What do you suggest? I thought maybe some metallic pen work on the second page to emphasise the swirls...

Suzanne, thanks for your concern. All is well. I have been away from my Blog a lot these last few weeks as I have had live-in visitors. They have gone on their way now (they are travelling in a motor home around Australia) so I might get to do some more craft. I have plans to make a platypus card for a male friend's birthday on Sunday so I will work on that and post it when it is done!


Suzanne said...

These layouts are very nice. Such a cute little dancer. I love the punch outs you made. They are very nicely done. The only thing I can think of adding might be a little doodle with your metallic pen on the corners of the paper behind the oval picture on the second page.
Glad thing are okay. And I can't wait to see a platypus card!

Lee said...

Awesome Susan!!! The swirls are fabulous and the punched embellishments are soooo cool!!! What adorable pictures!! You're such a wonderful and loving hostess to take so much time and such good care of your guests!!!! But we definitely are happy to see more of your wonderful creations!!

Paula J Atkinson said...

Great page.
Love the swirls & photos.
I haven't blogged much either. My mind is cluttered with thoughts of clutter. So I think once my flat is cleaned top to bottom & de junked, i might release my creativity again.

Chriss Rollins said...

Good news on your house move is it in the same town?
love your ballet L O. and good luck with your website keep us informed.
chriss x