Monday, May 05, 2008

Hasties Swamp

I know I haven't offered you any papercraft projects in a while. That's because I have been looking after my visitors who left for the next side trip of their epic road journey today. They return to us on Thursday so perhaps I will get a chance to complete a card or layout or two between now and then. I certainly need to! My mother's birthday is this week, and it's Mother's Day on Sunday.

In the meantime, may I treat you to two lovely photos of wildlife? The Plumed Whistling duck was caught finding its dinner in the cool of the evening at Hasties Swamp. I had no idea I had caught it catching its dinner till I enlarged the photo. See if you can tell what it has caught.

The butterfly (name unknown to me) was expertly captured and gently held by one of my guests, then released after I took its photo to flutter away unharmed. Its translucent wings were so delicate and beautiful.

I hope you enjoy these.


Lee said...

Susan........I LOVE your wildlife and nature photos!!! Ohhh...the plumed duck....awesome silhouette shot!! Did he catch a little froggy?? And what a sweet lil butterfly!!! I hope you get some crafting time in....but you sure are a loving and enjoyable hostess for your company!!!

Andrea C (Frog) said...

Aww Susan that naughty duck, how dare he eat my beloved frog, graet photo's.

Andrea x

Chriss Rollins said...

Hi Susan,
Fantastic pics you are one talented lady.. i think the duck was having 'frogs Legs' for supper.
Off now to take a look at your cards you have been making
Chriss x