Monday, April 21, 2008

Now for something completely kitsch

Blogs need to have variety, don't you think? With that idea in mind, I was surfing some craft sites today and there is a lot of talk about recycling things we would normally throw away. One item really caught my fancy. I am not sure I would actually try this, but did you know you can make kids bracelets out of your old toothbrushes?? Click here for an idea from about how to do it, or just type 'toothbrush bracelets' in your search engine.

Oh and please show me a picture if you do decide to try this out!


Lee said...

That's too funny!!! And something I NEVER, ever would have thought of in a zillion years!!! Let me know if someone posts that they do this!!! LOL

Suzanne said...

HeeHee! Not sure I would try this mainly because I don't like this type of bracelet. But I went to the link and they have some very interesting your own personal fossil made out of coffee grounds!!!!
Not sure I will be trying those either, but it was a fun site to look around! I just remembered you can do some interesting things with wet coffee grounds and muslin to make neat background fabrics...I wonder it that would also work on paper for card backgrounds??? Now that I may need to try. I just watch a vidoe on using sweetened condensed milk to stamp with so I guess anything is possible.
See Susan you are a very good inspiration!