Friday, April 11, 2008

How to make Paper Leaves and Stems

To finish off your paper roses, choose some green paper that coordinates with the colour of your flowers. Cut some thin wavy lines for stems (I used the Creative Memories wavy cutter for this).

To make the leaves:

1. Punch out some heart shapes - each heart will make two leaves. I used the Creative Memories Heart Punch for this, but you could use any heart shape you like.

2. Cut the hearts in half.

3. Trim the two pieces to leaf shapes.

4. I used a gold pen to draw in the leaf veins.

5. Arrange your stems, flowers and leaves to suit your page.

Please feel free to give me constructive criticism about whether or not these instructions were easy to follow! Thanks!


Lee said...

That is so simple!! I never would have guessed you could use a heart punch to do most of the work!!! Wow!!

Pearl said...

Great tutorial Susan !way to go !