Friday, April 11, 2008

Crafts on the Net - Daniel George Fund

Do you have a bunch of cards that you've made but don't have a destination? Feel like making some cards but don't have a reason to do so? Why not make some cards for charity? Chriss told me about a worthy cause. At Crafts on the Net you can find out how to make cards for a young man named Daniel George. He doesn't know anyone is making cards for him, as the money raised will be used to help send him and his parents on a break. I am going to make a few, possibly using designs from Sheetload of Cards. Thanks to Suzanne, I discovered you can subscribe to their newsletter and learn how to make a stack of cards quickly with some great sketches and cutting guides.

Back later!


Lee said...

Thanks for the link Susan.....what a wonderful idea!!!

Suzanne said...

Have fun with this. I have totally fallen in love with Sheetload of Cards. I used another of their templates today and made 12 more cards in an afternoon.