Friday, May 16, 2008

We're moving

Newsflash - we got confirmation of the sale of our house today. It isn't all officially tied up in the contracts etc but we are a step closer to chaotic times.

I will hear in the next few days about when we will need to be out of our current home, and then we can plan for when we will move into our future home. There's a lovely tenant in our future home at the moment, and we need ot give her 2 month's notice, so we could be HOMELESS for a few weeks, us and the two cats and the dog (all geriatrics) and our gear, depending on what we can work out with the buyers.

More later!

Now for something really important (not!) I completed a quiz that tells me what kind of scrapbook paper collection I am - I'm Karen Foster paper, apparently. See what kind of scrap book paper YOU are! Go to this page to take the quiz.

Your Result

You are KAREN FOSTER paper!
The present joys of life you doubly taste by looking back with pleasure on the past.
You love to scrapbook to cherish the memories. Your albums no doubt have a clean natural look to them and for the most part might like to keep in theme with neutral colors and avoid brights.


Lee said...

Oh wow!!!!! Congrats Susan!!! I'll pray everything goes smooth as silk!!! Are you going to have the same mailing address for a while though.....I was just getting some Happy Mail ready for you??

Paula J Atkinson said...

Congratulations, that's fabulous news, Susan!!!
I moved into this rented flat 10 years ago 2nd May & I have never been happier.

Suzanne said...

So exciting....moving that is. We've been in our present home for almost 25 years and oh the possessions that fill it show it! I am somewhat envious of you and Lee though it does take a lot of energy to move. Good luck. Now I need to go check out 7 Gypsies as that is who I am......