Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Chillagoe Caves

OK I have a couple more pics to share with you about the caves. This time I chose shots taken at the entrance and underground. I did seem to do best with photos where there was an occasional daylight hole, but one shot was taken in utter darkness, and the camera coped! See if you can tell which picture it was.


Chriss Rollins said...

what an amazing place to visit thank you soooooo much for sharing such beauty with us never in my lifetime will i get to visit it and so its lovely to see what is on the otherside of the world.
or down under.

and the balancing rock it leaves me speachless as to how it is still there and had you not climbed and stood next to it we wouldnt really get an idea of scale.
Hey you were a bit of an adventurous lady in your youth and in SNEEKERS no way lady.havnt heard that word for ages
lol lol lol.
chriss x

Lee said...

Susan.......these are fabulous pictures!!! I love caves and stalactites and stalagmites!!! Okay, but only reallllly big caves!!! LOL The picture second from the bottom is the one taken in the dark, huh?? I'm feeling like I almost got to go on that cave tour with you!!! Thank you so much for sharing such awesome photos!!

Suzanne said...

Susan again awesome pictures. Isn't the world we live in just a wonderful place! God did an amazing job with his if we would only take care of it better. That is my challenge for this year. I want my grandkids to be able to enjoy places like this.....not that I have any prospect of grandkids...........