Saturday, May 03, 2008

National Scrapbooking Day

Did you know today was National Scrapbooking Day in Australia? Scrapchat has a challenge to honour the day :

Complete a LAYOUT - any size - journaling why you love scrapbooking and/or what it means to you and/or why it is important in your life! You don't have to use any photographs if you don't want. No other requirements...just journal your heart out!

I intend to do something for this. I have till Monday at midnight to complete it ans still have visitors, so maybe it will be a challenge just to find the time! I have been thinking about what scrap booking means to me. Here are soem thoughts:

1. It's a chance for me to be creative
2. It's a chance for me to tell my stories
3. It brings old memories to life again for me and for others in my life
4. It is much nicer to bring our older photos with a new twist for people who share my histiry to see
5. My work sometimes encourages others to renew their memories and photos in a constructive way

What does scrapbooking mean to you?


ScrapManda said...

Thanks for thinking about the challenge Susan! Like your "reasons" - similar to some of mine although I hadn't thought about the last one you mentioned! Hope you get time to do a LO!

Lee said...

Oh yep......we had some Flybaby challenges on SCS for National Scrapbook Day!! It is fun to see the motivations and the meanings behind all of our creations!! I agree with you's a MAJOR creative outlet for me....but for me it is also a way to remember the good times and be in control of what deserves a place in my scrapbooks and in my memories! Coming from my background, this is actually kind of like my own little therapy!! LOL