Sunday, August 09, 2009

Blessing Box

A friend of mine made me feel very special the other day by giving me this cute little handmade box. It's called a Blessing Box. Every day I am supposed to think of a blessing in my life, write it down and store it inside. Isn't that a lovely idea? Needless to say, the first blessing was all about having a beautiful friend like Rebekah!

Oh and I found my camera cable at last so it won't be long before I can show you those Christmas cards - just need to take some pictures!!!!

I decided it was time to change my blog's look. I'm not sure I like it - what do you think?


Paula J Atkinson said...

What a lovely gift. I had a handmade book given to me in a forum swap & it is the place that I write all the good & happy things in. When I feel glum (which i have to admit isn't very often now Im in a job i love) I read them all & it makes me feel grateful. Enjoy filling your pretty box. You can start with the new house & the extra space & light you have :0)

Carla Murphy said...

What a cute little box - I love the idea behind it - very thoughtful.

YOU'RE GETTING COPICS?!!! OMGosh Susan you are going to love them. I can give you some tips if you like about what colours to choose,etc. & also some links that were very helpful to me.

(looking forward to those Christmas cards...!)