Sunday, August 16, 2009


Yesterday I tried out a recipe for Traditional Chocolate Truffles that I found on Chocolate Candy Mall. They turned out so yummy! I rolled the first batch I made in cocoa and took them to a Stamp Club meeting. All of them disappeared, so they must have been OK.

The first time I rolled them I don't think I left them in the fridge long enough. They turned out lumpy because they were so soft. This time I left them in the fridge overnight and the result when I rolled them this time in coconut, powdered sugar and cocoa, was much smoother! I plan to take them to church this afternoon and I think they will all be gone so it's just as well I 'reserved' a couple more in the fridge for us to have after dinner tonight!

I thought these little yummies would also look good wrapped in cellophane and put inside a handmade paper gift box. I'll have to try that when I make another batch. Well, there IS extra cream in the fridge that has to be used up so I just need to go to the store and get another lot of chocolate....he he he!


Pearl said...

o yes ! these look yummy indeed, Susan !

love the new blog background too !

Nardi said...

My mouth is watering. If only I had some cream in the fridge I'd whip up some to eat for after the kdis were in bed tonight...regardless of the lumps. ;o)
Thanks for sharing the link to the recipe.

Lee said...

Ohh yum!!! I tried to make truffles once and couldn't get the consistency correct to roll the chocolate...just got my hands a total mess! LOL