Thursday, August 20, 2009

Recycled Card

Do you like using recyclable poducts on your cards? I am a hoarder of anything that looks like I could use it! But I don't get round to actually using the items all that often, usually.

This month I had a chance to do so when I took part in a swap at RubberStampChat. You can read more about what I used on the card at PaperCraftCentral.

It sure was a fun swap! And so economical!!


Sanjaya De Alwis said...

you have good hands, keep it up

Jo Whitton said...

I love it! You are so creative - how do you come up with all these ideas???

Susan Hurley-Luke said...

Jo, this card kind of had to have corrugated cardboard in it as I was surrounded by packing boxes - lol! I had a box of tissues with a pretty design on them that was hard to throw out, so I scavenged the flower from that (I could then throw the box away - bonus!!) and the flower set my colour theme.... I always have foil from chocolates around and I had a new border punch and that new oval stamp set I wanted to play kinda fell together after that!

Lee said...

Susan.....wowzers!!! This card is a masterpiece...I mean seriously you need to frame it!!! I LOVE the 3D!!!

Pearl said...

lovely recycling idea here , Susan !
aren't we frugal crafters all ! lol

Hope you're having a great weekend !