Thursday, March 30, 2006

It's payday

It's payday so I went out and bought a few pretties for my card making supplies. You know - the usual - PAPER and RIBBON (Top of the List!) and this time I got an embossing pad and a new stamp too. An expensive trip, but hey, it was fun :-) I lent my enbossing pad to a friend years ago and it never made it's way home, so now I am stamping again I just have to have one. My town is so small, I had to order one in!

The new stamp depicts a cockatoo. I think he will look nice embossed in sparkly white and somehow I am going to give him some yellow or pink highlights in his crowning feathers. I hope it works out - this has inspired me ot try out some new stuff, so maybe there will be new cards soon after all!

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