Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Cards - what's that?

Ever since last week when I had some craft time because of the enforced 'rest' imposed by Larry the Cyclone, I have not been able to get the energy to make a card. It's a worry. I have noticed that any other people around me have this lack of energy thing too. I guess it could be the after-effects of stress taking their toll. Plus routines are still a little strange. Take this morning for instance. I had a drot and a hugs dump truck show up at my house before I even had my eyes open properly. The men driving them didn't knock on the door or anything - just started cleaning up the piles of snapped off vegetation on the footpath that used ot be my garden. Thanks guys. It was wonderful. I had to watch, of course. Then I was late for work! The street looks sooooo much better now. The reminders of the cyclone are gradually disappearing. It feels good.

Maybe life will settle back into a more normal routine pretty soon and I'll get my stampin' bug back. I know there are a couple of birthdays next month that I really need ot start doing something about now....special days are a GREAT motivator for me :-)

If you are reading this, how about telling me what motivates you to stamp/make cards?

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