Monday, March 27, 2006

How great is this?? An introduction.

I just read about the idea to create blogs at SCS. I chose a suitable blog name, don't you think? Susan's Cardmaking Saga, or SCS!

started making cards in a sporadic fashion some years ago and started collecting bits and pieces against the day whe I would be able to do it nore seriously, when I had 'more time'. I don;t really have 'more time' yet but have decided I want to make cards anyway. I am still hunting up all the bits and pieces I have stashed away! But I have found enough of them to get going at last, and being a member of SCS (the website, not this blog!) is just a wonderful focus to keep being more consistent and gain fresh ideas, new techniques, and make contact with people.

Oh - people - I cannot forget who encouraged me in all of this in the first place. Thank you Carla of cardsbycarla. You are a dream of a friend and have been just so wonderful in being that friend, encouraging me, helping me, laughing with me. Thank you.

I'm going to post this and see what happens next :-)


cori fraser said...

SUSAN! welcome to the world of the blogging vortex! and thank you for your incouraging comments in my blog!

Susan Hurley-Luke said...

You are welcome, Cori! Nice to have a comment from you, too. And thanks for the welcome.It's great to have a place to write about the things that happen.