Thursday, January 31, 2008

My blog isn't worth anything :-(

I am not sure why, but apparently my blog isn't worth anything :-( Has anyone else tried this test? What makes a blog worth something? If you know, please post me a comment! It would cheer me up! Lee, so glad to know your blog is worth a LOT!


Suzanne said...

Oh my well I personally think its worth a lot! At least you had the courage to check this out. I started to and then chickened out. I didn't want to know! LOL!!!!

Lee said...

Oh gosh!! I had no idea it just didn't spit out random numbers!! Well, **I** think your blog is PRICELESS!!!! And I'm so glad I found it, 'cuz you are one talented and fun lady!!! :)

Laura Davis said...

Susan, I think your bog is wonderful:) thanks for the sweet comments on my blog. I'm going to go take this test.

Pearl said...

Hey Susan I really wouldnt worry about what it's worth in $ form cos it's taking into consideration perhaps what sort of ad revenue you could generate from you blog . So unless that is a thought that is big for you , dont bother with that $ value attached hun ! lol

Ok inspired by you I have actually set my very own first card challenge ! I never thought of setting one b4 & why ever not ? instead of just doing what others have set yes why not create a challenge myself ! even if it's for only one time ? lol

Hope you will take part in it just for fun !

thanks dearie for all your kind words incldg the congrats on making it to a new DT ! lol

hugs ,

PapaYa's Kram said...

hi, I'm sure your blog is something worth too. So don't worry.. never give up!!

Cheers Monika

Chrissie said...

Oh Susan... I think your blog is great!!!!! Funnily enough, I did it and mine is worth over $2000 and I don't think mine is any better than yours. Maybe it does just spit out random amount! It is a bit funny though isn't it?