Susan's Saga

Monday, January 28, 2008


Did you know that if you put a 50+ year old doll in warm water and bleach, she might crack and splinter to pieces? That's what I found out today. As I cannot get my craft supplies out because I need to keep the house presentable for potential buyers, I am going to use my camera more for the next little while and post some pictures of things that happen in my life. Suzane inspired me to think about taking more photos as she is completing a 365 day photo challenge where she takes a photo of something and posts it EVERY DAY. Today I had a great opportunity to photograph something different as I enjoyed restoring some of my old dolls to a bit of their former glory (well, some got resotred and three were beyond saving or cracked when water touched them). I did not get up this morning thinking that I would be washing dolls, doll's clothes and doing their hair, and being a source of amusement to DH in the process, mind you! Here's how it happened: DH and I decided to clear out the room at the back of the garage. We spent most of today tossing old papers, sorting books, finding photos (!!they should not have been in the garage!!) and one box we found held my sorry little dolls. I brought them all into the house where the laundry tub is and started to scrub. I should have taken a 'before' picture. But I didn't.


Lee said...

Awwww......what sweet little dolls!! Do you have some special memories and stories for them? It would be cool to take photos from different angles and scrap some pages with some very interesting tid-bits!! I'm with ya on trying to get our house Market-Ready!

My Paper World said...

Great collection! sorry to hear that some got ruined.
I agree with Lee, they would be great subjects to do a layout on!
Nicola xx

Lisa's Blessed A Latte said...

Can't wai to see all the upcoming photo's...So sorry about the doll, who would have thunk!!!