Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thai Papercraft

I just returned from a wonderful (though short!) trip to Thailand where I attended an SBI Seminar that was very worthwhile. While i was there i kept an eye out for Thai paper crafts. I saw some amazing public works as it was the Queen's birthday weekend and there were many lovely displays commemorating her special day. One of the displays was made all of paper and  graced the atrium of a beautiful shopping centre there. I could see that the flowers were quilled, but on a grand scale! Other techniques were also used but it was the quilling that captured my imagination. What size was their quilling tool, I wonder? It would not be the same as the average crafter's choice! Lol!

The paper used was ivory, thick and luscious. The display was lit by ever changing lights so the paper picked up different hues. It was difficult to get the whole display in my viewfinder but I tried to capture it for you anyway.

Have you ever made papercraft items for public displays? If so, please do tell me about it in your comments :)

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Carla Murphy said...

Wow that's really somethin! Glad you had a good holiday and are back safe n' sound!