Thursday, February 03, 2011

My family and friends are OK!

Just a quick update to let you know the Category 5 Cyclone crossed the Queensland Coast at midnight last night. It did not appear to take any lives or injure anyone as people were so prepared. There is a fair bit of property damage to the small towns where the cyclone hit. I have heard from my family and all of them are fine. There is no power to their homes but they are ready fro that too.

The cyclone is continuing to track inland as a Category 2 at this stage so it is a much smaller threat now :)

I am thankful to God for sparing people's lives.

Thank you for praying with me, those of you who prayed, and for your messages of concern and support.


Carla Murphy said...

Very glad to hear that you and yours made it through. How completely scary!! I hope there's no damage to your home.

Chat soon,

Suzanne said...

So glad that all are okay. This has been some January and now first days of February for you all. I pray that the year improves mightily for you all!

CarolAnn said...

So glad to know all of you are ok.

Spark On!!