Friday, February 04, 2011

Thank you for your concern

Thank you for your concern about our family. I now live well to the south of where the Cyclone crossed the coast but as I have lived all over the State and worked in the communities affected and still have family and friends scattered throughout Queensland, it was a time of tension and I kept a vigil while the storm raged. I kept in touch with my daughter on Facebook until the storm cut their power supplies. A few hours later I was able to contact my mother, sister and daughter on mobile phone to find out they were safe, and while their power is still cut and their mobile phone batteries have died, I know they are alright. Sleep is still a little elusive while I wait for good communication to be re-established with them all.

The pictures I have published today show what happened at Cardwell, a small seaside town I have driven through countless times. The picture of the road shows a blank space where a garage and cafe used to be. I used to stop to refuel the car and my tummy there. Their marina is a disaster area and so many of their homes have been destroyed. This is what it looks like for several hundred kilometers of coastline where the Cyclone struck so you can imagine my concern for family and friends. The Cyclone was so huge it was never going to miss out hitting some communities in the far north. Thankfully it avoided directly hitting major population centres but the destructive winds were so widespread they shared themselves around and now the people in the area are experiencing storm surges and floods.

The storm was huge. That is why so many people are being affected. The image below is taken from a page about comparing the storm size a few countries.

Thankfully the Cyclone has degenerated into a rain depression now but it is still dumping rain all the way across to the Northern Territory.

I think I will have to get some of these pictures printed out so I can do a layout on the Cyclone sometime soon. It sure has affected our lives.

OK now I plan to return to showing you cards and scrapbook layouts and 3d paper crafts, from tomorrow. As long as there are no more disasters!


Carla Murphy said...

OMGosh I'm shocked at the wreckage. I can't believe that's just a snapshot of several hundred kilometers. I'm so glad that you, your mom & sister are okay. How frightening to not only deal with the storm raging outside but to be constantly worried about your loved ones. I hope you get good news from all your friends in the places where you used to live. Have been thinking about you and checking back often for updates. Thanks for continuing to post. Big hugs to you Susan!! Boy, firtt the flood and now this. You've had your full share already for 2011 --- only good luck for you now! =)

Pearl said...

Thank God for your safety and your family's too , during such a time as this, Susan ! very happy to hear that !

Paula J Atkinson said...

Your country has been taking such a battering of late. First the awful fires, then the floods & now the Cyclone.
My thoughts are with anyone involved & Im very glad to hear you are safe.