Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My First Copic Coloured Image!

This week was a red letter week for me ;) I received a wonderful package in the mail containing my very first Copic markers!!! After I ripped open the package I dashed in to my craft desk and quickly shuffled through some wonderful images I received in a swap to find this little guy. He was so black and white! He neeeeeded colouring!

So here is my very first attempt at using Copic markers for your viewing pleasure (before I know enough to be too embarrassed by my inexpertise! Lol!)

PS: Carla, if you are reading this (and I just know you are - he he) please feel free to email me about how I can improve!


Pearl said...

not bad at all with the first time colouring , Susan ! i dont see why you need to be embarrassed at all ! ;)

Lee said...

Oh welcome to the world of Copics!!! I think your first image is a wonderful start!!! Have fun practicing and enjoy the addiction!!! LOL