Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Update on the Disasters

I feel like an amateur news reporter these last few days :)

The fires are still burning but gradually being brought under control. There are 181 confirmed dead now, with more expected to be found.

People are responding wonderfully to the various appeals in place to help both people and animals affected by the fires. $31,255,562 has been collected in donations so far! That's wonderful. There are over 750 houses burned down and over 3,000 homes affected by floods, so the appeal is important. Government and corporations are also stepping up and giving significant support. If you are in Australia and shop at Coles, they are going to donate ALL of their profits if you shop on Friday this week!

The story about this wild koala is most touching and amazing, as they never go near human beings like this normally.

If you want to know how to help the animals, Wildlife Victoria has organised an appeal.

Volunteering to help is also a possibility, for people in Australia.

The floods in FNQ are receding so people are returning to ther homes and communities for the massive cleanup. There is significant disease risk as there are sewerage leaks - eww.

We're still doing fine in our area. The rain is heading towards us today but no floods are expected.

On a more everyday level, I am having a scrapbooking class this afternoon here at home. Imagine the scrapbooks people will be able to create after the disasters are over and done with, and only the photos and memories remain. This is one of those times where I am so glad to know about scrapbooking as it can be such a way of processing hard experiences and bad memories for people. It can be very therapeutic to create a book of memories, allowing you to tie things together in a way that makes sense, and allowing you to deal with what actually happened.

I hope some of the traumatised people can eventually be helped by the process of scrapbooking and the sharing that goes with it when you make your scrapbook with a group of caring friends....

Take care, all. XX

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